february third, 2007:
final entry

september first 2006`:
don't tell me to fix her

August 13, 2006:

August 12, 2006:
always dream big, guys

august eighth 2006:
tomorrow's just an excuse

august fifth 2006:
in som nia.

august second 2006:
i just wanna sit down and drink a beer with you guys back home

July 27, 2006:

july 18 2006:
angry dreaming

july 14 2006:
first morning

july fifth 2006:
stoned and drunk because we're uncreative and bored

june twentyeight 2006:
dragonfly out in the sun you know what i mean, don't you know

may twentyninth 2006:
i call this 'happier'

may fifteen 2006:

may seventh 2006:
set yourself on fire

april twentyfifth:
the same just without ambition

april twentythird 2006:

april twentysecond 2006:
no saviours

march thirty 2006:
i dunno, mediocre

march twentyseventh, 2006:
just silence

march fifteenth 2006:
we don't say everything that we could.

march fourteenth 2006:

march seventh 2006:
so what now.

march sixth 2006:
laid down bare and vulgar.

march fiffth 2006:
moon safari

february twentyfirst, 2006:
floating on the wind again. hoping it would drag me in.

february nineteenth 2006:
goodnight moon

february fifteenth 2006:
but you lay me down like a rose petal

february twelfth, 2006:
if i could tell your thoughts right now.

february sixth, 2006:
sundays will never change

january thirtyfirst 2006:
don't wake me, i plan on sleeping in

january thirtieth 2006:
us waving from such great heights

january twentyninth 2006:
and the soles of your shoes, are all worn down

january twentysixth 2006:
if it were as easy as valentino suits and glasses of merlot and exfoliating aftershave

january eighteenth 2006:
sappy love songs on the radio

january sixteenth 2006:
days like this like the prom

January fifteenth, 2006:
i can't quit you, baby

january eleventh 2006:
"it's my first time"

January 03, 2006:
december 30th, from my notebook with edits

december twentyninth 2006:
oh be joyful, cuz that shit spreads

december twentyseventh 2006:
sitting. collecting. merry christmas.

december 24th 2005:
in epic proportions

december 21 2005:
lift your skinny fists like antennaes to heaven.

december 19 2005:
our happiest days slowly began to turn to dust

december 18th 2005:
trying at this writing thing

december eighteenth 2005:
finding finding finding searching looking in vain

december ninth 2005:
it's 1:08 in the morning, fake plastic trees is playing, where are you.

november 29 2005:

november twenty-eighth, 2005:
sorry i abandon you

november eighteenth 2005:
sorry about dresden.

november eleventh 2005:
i'm ready.

november tenth 2005:

november seventh 2005:

oct thirtyfirst 2005:
& i hang like a star fucking glow in the dark!!!!!!!!!

october twentysecond 2005:
everything we dreamed, we stole

october fourteenth 2005:
worshipping shit celebrities

october thirteenth 2005:
what does it take to take you home

October 01, 2005:
some time, some date, some state, not today

september 08 2005:
too afraid, you're too afraid to fall for anything

september third 2005:
don't save us from the flames

september first 2005:
yes for junk

august 27 2005:
it's too late again

august 19 2005:
marijuana cowgirl

august 18 2005:
i lost my faith in the summertime, cuz it don't stop raining

august seventeenth 2005:
she broke away, broke away

august 14, 2005:
get high, make out

august 14, 2005:

august 07 2005:
i won't hold on

july 29 2005:
handshake drugs

july 25 2005:
who even knows anymore

july 23 2005:
too young to fall asleep, too cynical to sleep

july twentyone 2005:
etc etc

july 18 2005:
do you remember when you were small, how everybody seemed so tall

july fifteenth 2005:
all i could say was, are you coming home soon?

july 09 2005:
driving in your car, i never never want to go home

july 09 2005:
well well well

july 06 2005:
sucker love

July 03, 2005:
shimmy shimmy cocoa

july second 2005:
disgrace pigs

june twentyninth 2005:
back in the summer, of 1985

june twentyseventh 2005:
life beyond the minimum safe distance

june twentyfourth 2005:
and i can taste your lipstick on the filter

june 23 2005:
sleeping in is giving in, no matter what the time is

june 21, 2005:
talk to me, dance with me

june twelveth 2005:
hey kids, what're you rocking for

june eleventh 2005:
fight off the lethargy

June 08, 2005:
mostly slices of oranges and rattling buses

june fourth 2005:
scream loud, scream sayonara

June 01, 2005:
skin like milk

may 20 2005:
you take your clothes off right after school

may 18 2005:

May 13, 2005:
i wait for you in ruins

may twelveth, 2005:
how to leave the boy behind

may seventh 2005:
weak becomes heroes

may fouth 2005:
coming back a little

may third 2005:
i need you so much closer

may first, 2005:
drop dead

april twentyfive, 2005:

april 24, 2005:
we were too wasted to close the window

april nineteenth 2005:

april 8th 2005:
island in the sun

april fourth, 2004:
if only i could lose you we'd be free to move forever

march fourth, 2005:
dreams stuck to blades of grass

april 2nd 2005:
the whole world's waking up

march 15th 2003:
happiness is just a dash away

march 12th 2005:
angels don't stop

march 10th 2005:
you'll be my martian

march 6th 2005:
the good kids don't see

march first, 2005:
citizen erased

february seventeenth, 2005:
then the uproar died down

february 8th, 2005:
get out

january twentyninth 2005:
let go

january twentieth 2005:
light pollution

december 30th, 2004:
where are we going

december eighteenth, 2004:
the quake sets in, dust rises again

december fifteenth, 2004:
teach me some of your endurance

december ninth 2004:
i do it to break the walls

december fourth, 2004:
random little shoutout

december twelth, 2004:

november 27th 2004:
missy aggravation

november 20th, 2004:
age before beauty, sleep before scrutiny

november 13th, 2004:
i've stopped looking

november 10th, 2004:
it's a waste of time if i can't smile easily

november 4th, 2004:
said brother are you weary. said sister are you safe?

october 30th 2003:

october 21st, 2004:

october 18th, 2004:
faking firm ground

october 15th, 2004:
little terror, go pack your stars

october 12th, 2004:
i think i'm normal

october 5th, 2004:

september 30th 2004:
blank wave arcade

september 29th, 2004:

september 28th, 2004:
if at first you don't succeed, you gotta re-create your misery

september sixteenth, 2004:
your eyes must do some raining if you're ever gonna grow

september fourteenth, 2004:
i've got my heart but my heart's no good

september thirteenth, 2004:
need a little time to wake up wake up

september tenth, 2004:

september ninth, 2004:
dragging around the earth, how false the light

september seventh, 2004:
it's just that i've been losing so long

september sixth, 2004:
pull your crooked teeth

september second, 2004:
midnight show



august twentyninth, 2004:
cactus skeletons

august twentysixth, 2004:
this ain't real baby, i got a better excuse for myself

august twentyfourth, 2004:
sleepwalking in the afternoons

august twentyfourth, 2004:
throwing knives

august twentyfourth, 2004:
all i do is make these little drawings and sleep

august twentythird, 2004:
sitting alone in the sun

august twelveth:
"so won't you kill me, so i'll die happy." ugh

august ninth, 2004:
take it on

august seventh, 2004:
boys, don't, cry

august sixth, 2004:
oh kiss the sky

august fifth, 2004:
going somewhere

august fourth, 2004:
you, will be, the death, of me

august third, 2004:
forest fire

august first, 2004:
this isn't in order of occurence

july thirtieth, 2004:

july twentyeighth, 2004:

july twentyfourth, 2004:
guess what, my life hasn't changed

july twentyfirst, 2004:

july nineteenth, 2004:
dear heart and brain, stop mutilating and just die

july nineteenth, 2004:
stupid, alone

july sixteenth, 2004:
we can't hope to survive